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Heleh smiling while holding her 1000th handmade mask.
An assortment of colourful handmade masks.

Need a mask?

Live in Toronto and need a mask while my website is under construction? Masks are $7.50 each or pay-what-you-can.

These masks are made from polypropylene, polyester chiffon, and cotton. They are meant to be easy to breathe through while also keeping the moisture from your breath away from your face. All Helen Mends Masks are pleated with a wire across the bridge of your nose. This style of mask fits most of the population well.

    Mask Types

    $7.50 each or pay-what-you-can

  • Masks with Adjustable Elastic - These masks are completely adjustable with a channel down the side. The elastic can be adjusted or replaced at any time.
An assortment of colourful handmade masks.

Masks from this site should either be hand washed in soapy water or dipped in boiling water for 3 minutes for sterilization.

Please email me at info@helenmends.ca to place your order and arrange a pick up.

About Helen

Helen Frank is a Toronto based seamstress who mends textiles and makes replacements for disposable items from upcycled materials. She has been sewing for almost 20 years and decided to combine that with her passion for environmental and social causes in 2018, when she started Helen Mends. In her first year of business, Helen kept more than 1600 damaged items from landfill. Helen is proud of her sewing students, her work demystifying reusable menstrual products, and her work with the ROSE project making masks during COVID-19.

Helen smiling while sitting with her solar powered sewing machine at her booth at a farmer's market.